Community Groups

Groups are for everyone. Yes, you too. 


They open us up, they give us space to practice. They help us breathe, recover, learn to listen, empathize and feel more deeply. They help us to make sense of our feelings in unique and personally relevant ways.

Groups are the JAM.

I hope you'll join us.

Mother Love

The gorgeous Mother Love group is a virtual offering, designed to connect mothers in the postpartum period and beyond.


This group acknowledges and investigates the ways in which mothers in our culture often experience depletion: emotional, physical, psychic, social, economic, interpersonal, intellectual, etc. Uncovering these areas in individualized and collective ways, mothers can begin to rebuild, resource, and reboot towards repletion, and a greater sense of wholeness and optimal wellness. You'll start to feel better!


This group is truly a community effort, as I bring together various specialists and helpers in related fields from within our immediate community. Mother Love is a special space for you to receive: care, attention, time, space, connection. 

Join us! 

Fridays @ 11am Virtually 

June 17, 2022

July 1, 2022

July 8, 2022

July 22, 2022

July 29, 2022

August 5, 2022

Good, Grief.

How's that going? 

That holding it all in?

Do you ever feel like you're going to burst from all of the overwhelm, the distress, the isolation, the non-belonging? 

I hear you. 

Good Grief is an in-person group for people who have awareness that they are holding grief. It's a group designed to provide space and safety for expressing and cultivating a relationship with our unexpressed grief.


Many of us were never taught how to grieve; nor that we have a right and a responsibility to feel it, and come to right relationship with our grief ... we were never properly introduced ... and so grief comes in like a lion when we least expect it. Scary, huge, consuming.

This is a group for people who desire space and support to begin relating to grief. Like every emotion, grief is here to tell us something; let's get curious. 

Tuesdays @ 6pm - 8pm, In-person in Asheville

(must be registered to attend)